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Payment and Transportation

Cottonwood Country Kennel would like to work with everyone to reach an agreement to all parties can feel comfortable about.  Yet, with the way our world works it now requires money to send money! 


The deposit amount on a puppy is 1/2 (half) of the listed price.  

Unfortunately, due to dishonest individuals we do not take personal checks, bank checks, or drafts.  HOWEVER, we will accept Local Checks, ONLY IF we have at least 3 weeks for the bank to clear them before the puppy is ready to leave our kennel.  Therefore, we must have 3 weeks for the deposit to clear.

 WE do accept Paypal.  However, you must add 3% of the total price to the purchase price because Paypal requires a service charge of 3% that is removed from our portion of the purchase.  For example: if the price is $800.00 please pay $809.00 to cover the service charge.

 WE do accept Postal Money Orders under $300.00 dollars, therefore in some cases you may need to send more than one. Please send with mail tracking and insurance, we do not want you to lose your money or ours in the event that something should happen during the mail process.

 WE do accept Wal-Mart Money Orders through the mail.  Please send them priority or overnight with mail tracking and insurance, we do not want you to lose your money or ours in the event that something should happen during the mail process.

 YOU are required to pay all fees associated with sending any form of payment.

 WE do accept Cash-in-Hand if this type of transaction is able to take place.

 WE may also accept other forms of Money Order, however please contact us before sending any other forms of payment.

Remaining balance 

 If you are paying the remaining balance of your puppy before he/she is ready to leave our home/kennel, you may pay using local checks, Paypal, Postal Money orders, or Wal-mart Money orders, following the conditions stated above.

 If you are meeting us in person to pick up your puppy and have not paid the remaining balance on your puppy, WE will ONLY accept Cash-in-Hand before we hand over the puppy.

We are required to charge all individuals living in ILLINOIS State Sales Tax. 

Transportation of a Cottonwood Country Kennel Puppy

Transport out of Illinois $100-350.00 for lower 48 States.

Canada and Mexico higher cost.
1} You come to us for pick up of the Puppy/Dog! 
2} ~Transportation of Companion Puppies and Dogs~ ~From US to You! ~
Fee's are posted above, each location is different.




~We will meet people in the middle~
~Or deliver to your home~
~We have delivery trips pop up so please call to see what is available. ~
~Ask you never know until you ask! We will surprise you! ~
3} You can fly to us- we will meet you at the airport with the puppy for you to fly home with.  Following airports available for meeting:
 St. Louis, MO – Indianapolis, IN
Other Airports can be arranged with advanced notice.
4} IF you are purchasing one of our dogs for the use it was bred for: 

(OR IF we are selling it as a breeding dog)

We can make airline arrangements to your major airport. ($300.00 & UP) 

We hope you find these terms and conditions agreeable and look forward to doing business with you!

The Walker Family                                                                        

Cottonwood Country Kennel