Cottonwood Country Kennel 

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Health Guarantee

The buyer will be hereafter referred to as YOU/YOUR and Cottonwood Country Kennel will be hereafter referred to as WE/US.

All guarantees apply to the original buyer only. Guarantees are not transferable.

You, as the new owners of a Cottonwood Country Kennel puppy are responsible for any and all health and veterinary care upon your puppy’s arrival.  You agree to provide the appropriate health and veterinary care for your new arrival.

You, are required to call us within one hour of receiving your puppy for the airport/shipper or within one hour of returning to your home to provide us with an update on the puppy.   You, also agree to call us again within 24 hours of receiving your puppy to provide and update and after your puppy has been to the veterinarian. If you do not make said phone calls your health guarantee is null and void.

You agree to have your veterinarian examine your new puppy within 72 hours of receiving them.  At this time, your veterinarian will provide documentation of the puppy’s health to us, verifying that your puppy is healthy and/or notifying us of any problems or complications that are found in your puppy. Contact should be made directly to us, over the phone, by email, or through fax by your veterinarian.

As recommended by our veterinarian, your puppy will have: 

  • First vaccinations while he/she was in our care and home.
  • Been wormed on a regular schedule while they were in our care.

 Therefore, you will need to provide:

  • Continued vaccinations throughout the puppy's lifetime,
  • Provide a complete and balanced diet,
  • Regular worming as an adult,
  • Annual exams

We will provide treatment for internal and external parasites prior to your puppy leaving our care.  Even though we provide prevention treatment, your puppy could/will come into contact with several other pets during the transportation and/or shipping process.  Therefore, please be alert/aware to the signs of potential problems related the contact with external parasites during the transportation and/or shipping process.

We provide a complete and balanced diet for all our puppies, including yours. Their diet will consist of commercial puppy food, mostly commonly in dry form, and fresh water several times daily.  The nutritional needs of your puppy are important for their physical and mental growth. It is vital that you continue to provide a complete and balanced diet.  If they are not continued on a complete healthy and balanced diet or over feed your puppy, we will not honor the Health Guarantee, and it will therefore, be null and void. 

*We have no knowledge of raw diets and cannot guarantee a balanced diet and proper growth if your puppy is fed a raw diet. 

Life Threatening Condition Guarantee:

We will provide the buyer with a two  year from the date of birth guarantee our puppies for life threatening conditions (ex. congenital heart failure). If the purchased puppy should develop such a condition and required to be euthanized by a licensed veterinarian, we require you to have a second opinion agreeing on the diagnosis from a non-affiliated veterinarian. Once we are provided with a signed euthanasia or death certificate we will provide a puppy of the same purchase price from our next available litter.  You will be responsible for the shipping and/or pick up of your puppy and all costs related.

We do guarantee puppies against joint disease, but if the puppy is exposed to excessive exercise before the appropriate age of two, we will not honor the guarantee if the puppy is injured due to early joint stresses. We recommend that puppies not start a running program until after 12 months of age. Your puppy should not begin an agility program with jumping until at least 18 months of age.  

We reserve the right to ask for additional verification in any/all situations that concern the health of your puppy.  We also reserve the right to ask for any veterinary lab test or statement that is signed by a licensed, practicing  veterinarian from a veterinary service not affiliated or related with the first one.

  • We will not refund money or pay post sale veterinary bills unrelated to congenital conditions.

14 Day Guarantee:

Upon pick up, you will be provided with a health certificate from out veterinarian confirming all care, examinations  and treatment we have provided for your puppy. 

We will guarantee our puppies for fourteen days from transportation/shipping/ leaving date against, parvovirus and distemper.  If the you puppy, should contract parvovirus or distemper within the three days after leaving our home/kennel, you must provide copies of the positive lab results from your veterinary practice, with a signed statement from a licensed and practicing veterinarian. 

Replacement of Puppy:

If the dog meets all the conditions of the guarantee, I agree to replace the dog with a puppy of equal quality, same sex & color; to be selected from a litter at my discretion & availability. 

If the price of the replacement puppy is higher than the price you paid for your puppy, you must pay the difference. No cash refund will be made, ONLY Puppy Replacement; I will make every effort to replace the puppy ASAP if the puppy should perish.

We reserve the right to ask for additional written verification in any/all situations concerning the health of your puppy.  We also reserve the right to ask for another veterinary lab test and/or written statement that is signed by a licensed veterinarian from a veterinary practice not affiliated or related with the first one.

 We will call to check on your new puppy during their first few weeks at your home.  If you pick them up from us directly, we will call you the day/evening after your puppy arrives in your home.  If they were shipped or transported in some other way, we usually prefer to receive a call from you the evening you arrive home with your new puppy.   After this conversation,  we will continue to call for the next few weeks to check on how the puppy is doing, see how he/she is adapting to your home, and to provide you with support for the initial stages of bonding and taking care of your new puppy.

Please return our calls as these puppies were a part of our family and remain very important to us.

Please Sign and bring this contract with you when you come to pick up your puppy.  If you are having your puppy shipped, please sign and fax to us at:  (217)644-2291

We will sign the faxed contract and fax it back.

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