Cottonwood Country Kennel 

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Cottonwood's Wendy

Molly x APRI CH Cottonwood's NewBluHorizn

DOB: 12/20/2014 

Wendy is by far one of the best dogs we have every had.  She has some quirkiness to her and also thinks that she is human. She loves to cuddle play in the waters, and catching her frisbee.  Thank you for letting us add her to our family.  

Owned by Migi 

Cottonwood's Tesla

Molly x APRI CH Cottonwood's NewBluHorizn

My son Kade and Tesla (formerly Sienna). She is an amazing dog and we are so happy to have her. Thanks for answering all of our questions and being so helpful when we were selecting our puppy.

DOB: 7/27/15

Owned by Sarah Smith 

Cottonwood's Stella

Skylar x Alex 

DOB: 7/5/2012 

Stella has been the best dog we could have asked for. Marlene was great to work when we bought her. Stella is a great family dog and great with kids. She is a great addition to our family. If we ever decided to get a second dog, we would go right back to Marlene.

Owned by Meaghan & Jake Naas of Illinois

Cottonwood's Toews

Molly x APRI CH Cottonwood's NewBluHorizn

DOB:  7/27/2015 

Happy holidays! We wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU and give you an updated on Toews (aka Umber). Can you tell that we are Blackhawks fans? Haha. He is such an amazing pup! From the day we met him at your house, we knew he was the perfect match for our family (we have two older Chihuahuas as well). He has the best temperament of any puppy we have ever had. Everyone that meets him cannot believe he is a puppy. He is so well behaved and so smart. Don’t get me wrong, he is still ALL PUPPY, but I can tell by his attentiveness and personality, that he came from quality! He is now 5 months old, 22 pounds & we have successfully conquered sit, shake (each paw), down and roll over (both ways)! Each of these new commands only took about 15 minutes each to teach him! We are now working on stay and come, which I know are a lot harder to master, but I have no doubt we will get them down soon. He goes with me to our local feed store regularly and everyone is just in aww of his beauty. I let him run free inside the store, and he loves greeting all the customers and playing with their dogs too. I will forward some photos of him that we have taken over the last couple of months. I will make sure to send you more photos as he gets older. Thank you again for Toews. He can tell that he comes from quality and are so proud to say he is a Cottonwood Country Kennel dog!

Merry Christmas –Jay, Heather, Reece, Toews, Driver & Lily Etzel

Cottonwood's "Nellie"

Molly x APRI CH Cottonwood's NewBluHorizn


Nellie has been absolutely amazing.  She knows so many tricks and will do anything for a treat or a peanut butter kong.  Here she is taking a break at the dog park!

Owned by Levi Gent & Suzanne Walker in Indiana